Curriculum Overview

At Fearnville Primary School we provide an engaging and relevant curriculum, enabling our children to create a thirst for knowledge, a love for learning and opportunities to flourish.  We believe that providing our children with carefully planned learning experiences their personal development is enriched enabling them to become successful, confident learners.  Pupils develop key skills and processes through meaningful activities and experiences gaining knowledge and understanding of the world around them as they do so. We think carefully about the school’s local context and the experiences our children will have had outside of school, ensuring we build upon and expand their own experiences.

Our curriculum adheres to the National Curriculum whilst ensuring the topics meet the needs and interests of the children, motivating them to gain essential knowledge, understanding, skills and processes of each of the required subjects.  Within our foundation subjects, we develop cross-curricular links with other subjects, including core-subjects.  We plan regular trips into the community and across the region to expand and enrich learning and the children’s bank of Cultural Capital.

All of our teaching and learning centres around teaching our children the necessary skills they need to master our curriculum, with the longer term aim of preparing children for their journey through High School.  To ensure we do this, we teach the National Curriculum of England; please see below.

National Curriculum


At Fearnville we develop the foundations of mathematical skills needed to understand the world. We promote enjoyment, creativity and logical thinking by providing opportunities to apply skills and problem solve. We ensure all pupils reach their full potential in maths by recognising and developing individual needs and abilities.

Reading Intent


At Fearnville we aim to create a life-long love of reading. It is our belief that every pupil should be able to read for pleasure and to a high standard. We aim to develop independence and fluency in all readers to ensure a life-long love of reading so all can achieve their full potential across all areas of the curriculum.



This is the phonics scheme we are using, click below for resources to help you work with your child



At Fearnville our science curriculum is based on real life experiences and challenges connecting pupils to nature and the world around them. It encourages relevant and meaningful discussions, hands on enquiry and an opportunity to share and build on ideas using accurate vocabulary. The scientific knowledge and skills pupils develop encourages them to think of themselves as scientists and consider the careers, jobs and opportunities that science can offer.

Science Skills, Knowledge & Vocabulary Progression


At Fearnville we want all of our pupils to understand the past and how history will shape their future. We believe that high quality history lessons encourage critical thinking, provide time to analyse evidence and develop chronological understanding. The History curriculum offers engaging opportunities to acquire knowledge and skills so pupils develop a sense perspective and identity.

History Skills, Knowledge & Vocabulary Progression


At Fearnville we deliver a Geography curriculum that is creative, practical and inspiring. We provide engaging experiences and fieldwork in our local area and beyond. The curriculum is designed to ensure our pupils are aware of their surroundings and how they are constantly changing. The knowledge and skills our pupils learn will equip them to make a positive contribution to global change.

Geography Skills, Knowledge & Vocabulary Progression


At Fearnville we deliver an Art & Design curriculum with opportunities to explore in a creative way using a variety of media. Our pupils are empowered to express themselves, celebrating and developing techniques, talents and interests. The knowledge and skills our pupils learn provide a wider understanding of Art and its value.

Art Skills, Knowledge & Vocabulary Progression


At Fearnville the DT curriculum provides practical experience of designing and making products for a clear purpose. Our pupils embrace the DT process of designing, planning, making and evaluating to solve real-life problems in a range context. The curriculum design allows pupils to be creative thinkers and acquire skills and knowledge that are transferable across other areas of the curriculum.

DT Skills, Knowledge & Vocabulary Progression


At Fearnville we aim to give pupils exciting and stimulating opportunities to learn, apply and develop skills and technological understanding across a wide range of tasks.  Pupils are encouraged to develop a confident and safe approach to computing and their use of ICT, with a clear understanding of what the resources on offer can do.

Computing Skills, Knowledge & Vocabulary Progression


At Fearnville we follow a curriculum that teaches respect and acceptance. It is an enquiry-based approach to learning which engages pupils in their appreciation of different beliefs, practices and influences of principle religions within the local, national and global community. We encourage pupils to question, be curious and have relevant and meaningful discussions building their knowledge and skills to understand the changing world around them.

RE Skills Progression Document



At Fearnville we understand the importance of educating the whole child. Through the ‘JIGSAW’ programme, we develop an understanding of Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education across all Key Stages. We believe in supporting and nurturing our pupils' Spiritual, Moral, Cultural and Social Development. We do this through an integrated curriculum.

PSHE Skills Progression Document


At Fearnville we offer a varied and stimulating curriculum that promotes physical activity and heathy lifestyles. Pupils develop knowledge and skills which will support them being physically active developing long term good health and positive well-being.

PE Skills Progression


At Fearnville we aim to promote a love of music.  We recognise the importance of music in building our pupil’s experiences by exploring a wide range of musical genres and learning about the origins of different musical styles. We appreciate that music teaching allows our pupils to develop not only formal musical skills, but skills of self-confidence, emotional intelligence and fine motor development.

Music Skills, Knowledge & Vocabulary Progression

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Whole Curriculum