Welcome to Year 3

First of all, we would like to welcome everyone back to our new school year. Thank you for your support with sending your children back to us to restart their learning.

Our learning this year will be fun, exciting and challenging. All teachers really enjoy making a difference to every child every day. We start with finding out about why people love to visit the Yorkshire Dales. We are very lucky to have the Dales on our doorstep.

Can you think why visitors love to come and see our superb countryside? Ask your family about why Yorkshire is so special.

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We will also be looking at life in in the Stone Age up to the Bronze Age and Iron Age. As well as all of that, we will be looking at different types of rocks.

Over the year, we learn about animals, plants and Romans.

Did you know that Yorkshire was part of the Roman Empire when they invaded us?

The Romans Display Banner | Display banners, Romans, Roman

We end the year with understanding volcanoes and earthquakes.

Asia's deadliest eruptions – and four volcanoes to watch | South China  Morning Post

Year 3 is a very important year for using our road safety skills so please try to practise these with your children.

Our classes are Helsinki and Oslo which are the capitals of Finland and Norway. If you would like to find out different facts about these cities and countries, we will put them on our display.

If you have any concerns, please feel free to come and speak to us.

Mrs Jackson, Mrs Rashid and Mrs Shazad

Year 3