Welcome to Year 4


In each term, we have main themes that we use to motivate the children and link different parts of their learning together. We kick-started the year by diving into our exciting theme entitled ‘Captivating Civilisations’! This involved learning about Pharaoh Tutankhamun’s reign and the impact the ancient Egyptian era has had on today’s society. To further engage the children, we hosted an ancient Egyptian theme day in school , where children had the opportunity to dress and experience daily life as an ancient Egyptian! Furthermore, we visited a museum to see an actual mummy!

In this term, we will have many cross-curricular opportunities, allowing the children to have an in-depth study of the Anglo-Saxons. We focus on settlements and land use, such as Bradford Beck, but use the theme to learn much about our local history and how the Anglo-Saxon era shaped what we know of Bradford today. We will also be learning about animals and the human body, electricity and habitats.


In term 3, we will complete an in-depth study of The Vikings! Vikings settled all across the country, but the densest population was found in Yorkshire – they even made York their capital. The Viking era followed the Anglo-Saxon and so links will be made between the two units to allow children to understand the impact these two eras have had in shaping what we call Bradford today.


This year will also be the first year where year four will be required to take the multiplication tables check. In order to assist children with this, your child will be able to access an online learning tool called Times Table Rockstars. You can download the app at home, please ask for your child's login details if you don't have them. It can also be accessed using their Wonde QR code which has been sent home.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to come and speak to us.


Thank you,

Mr Wickett and Mrs Instrall.

Year 4