8 January 2021


Dear Parents/Carers

We would like to welcome you back to the new term and look forward to working with you in what remain challenging times. I would like to reassure you that our schools have well developed risk assessments that are continually reviewed to ensure that we are providing the safest environment possible for all children. School leaders keep up to date with local and national guidance and add to risk assessments appropriately. We all appreciate that this has meant changes to the normal ways of working and engaging with you and would like to thank the vast majority of parents who have responded patiently to the new regimes required to maintain safety. I ask that anyone wishing to raise concerns does this from a point of understanding the need for safety and in a manner that allows us all to show mutual respect and courtesy maintaining the partnership approach with parents and carers that we value even in these difficult times.

From the start of this term, our schools are responsible for the collection of payments for school meals. We would ask that parents ensure that any existing debts prior to this term are paid to Dolce and the school will advise the best way to do this. As far as possible, the price of school meals will be kept in line with those in the majority of Bradford schools. This will mean that from the beginning of the next half term, on the 22nd February 2021, all school meals for children will cost £1:90 for those not in receipt of free school meals. Our schools can support all parents who are eligible for free school meals in the application process and we encourage this to avoid hardship. It remains our view that children having a school meal is by far the easiest way to support the safe regimes mentioned above that we are trying to create. We ask that parents to ensure prompt payments as these impact on our ability to resource learning for your child. Any debts are set against the school budget, which would mean less money to pay for staff and equipment in school. We always try work with parents to avoid children being denied school meals as well as legal action and encourage parents to discuss any difficulties they have with us at an early stage. You can be reassured that all such discussions are kept confidential.

To support parents in managing payments schools will send a text at the end of the week if the child’s dinner account is in debt. If the debt exceeds 5 meals further communication by email/letter will be made. In the event that a child’s dinner account exceeds the equivalent of 10 meals in debt we would be required to suspend meal provision but would always try to discuss this matter with you so that we could support a resolution. Our schools are working towards collecting payments through Arbor which is the management information system used by our schools. Further information about this will follow in due course.

Thankyou again to everyone for their continued support.

Yours faithfully

Wahid Zaman

CEO Nurture Academies Trust