27 April 2021

Fearnville Primary School was successful in securing a grant from the DfE’s Condition Improvement Fund to complete the urgent refurbishment of the defective / dilapidated metal roof which was causing significant Health & Safety issues. The work appears to have loosened some of the internal suspended ceiling tiles which fell and hurt one of the teachers. This teacher sought treatment from A&E and is currently recuperating at home. We wish her a speedy recovery. The incident happened after the end of the school day when there were no children on site, and therefore no children were injured. We closed the school to liaise further on the risk assessment and safety measures with the contractor, and have sought advice from Bradford Council’s Occupational Health & Safety team. Remedial action is already underway. We anticipate school will remain closed for children in years 1 to 6 for the remainder of this week, with remote learning in place for all of these classes. School will remain open for children in Nursery and Reception years.

Wahid Zaman, CEO Nurture Academies Trust